7 Best Web Hosting for Marijuana Companies

Cannabis & Vape buy business is very popular & notorious business, but now the product’s acceptance into mainstream markets has become more common. Because of the legalities that come with vape UK marijuana, a website hosting service might be hesitant to allow a marijuana-related site to have an account.

This is the list of the top 7 hosting services for a marijuana business and it’s exhaustive.

1.    Weed Host

Weed Hosts is a branding company for Hosting Plus Network, created in order to let companies know that they are a friendly resource for the cannabis industry. Weed hosts offers personal customer service, catering to cannabis businesses and solving any issues you might have surrounded your site. They also just won the “best cannabis hosting firm” award by Global Health and Farma News. The only downside for the service is that its packages are limited and it would be difficult to create custom content if an individual were to spend a lot more money on the upgrade. This service offers small, medium, and high-cost services.



2.    Glow Host 

Glowhost is a web hosting company developed just to provide services for cannabis related stores. It is apparent in the pricing options, with “Canna-basic”, “Canna-biz” and “canna-custom” at prices from $24 to $229. They offer everything from shared hosting to DIY web building design. They even offer extras such as SSL certification and hacker repair in case any hacker was able to get through their incredible security that comes with the site. They have a team of responders, and they are upfront, quick, and happy to take care of your needs. They are committed to giving you custom service based on the needs you might have. They offer custom social media teams that are built with your branding logo as well as a Canva like interface. Glowhost’s goal is to meet you and help you run your business full potential by providing all the tools you need in one place.



3.    Cannaweb Solutions

Cannaweb Solutions not only offers website hosting, but a variety of resources including virtual assistants and web design offered by their team. Cannabis has a huge list of regulatory needs, and you would need a team of people to oversee it all. Marijuana Concierge features a customizable service to handle everything from social media to in-store merchandise. Using AI technology, they can run your business so you don’t have to do anything but collect the profits! This company will help you establish a web hosting plan by discussing your needs and budget.



4.    Direct Hosting

Direct hosting is based out of Canada and was built for cannabis companies. It offers one stop shopping for e-commerce and website hosting as well as other services, such as email and video. They are able to offer hosting to multiple websites and WordPress in a single package. Unlike other web hosting service that doesn’t offer design services or anything like that. They stick to what they do best: web hosting. Adding more confusion, the company has no pricing listed on their website. They’re probably one of the less forthcoming players in this industry with no certainty on how much it costs. It also seems like they have many services and features, so it might be a viable business to consider hosting it there.

5.    Brainstorm Hosting

Brainstorm hosting is partnering up with WordPress and websites such as theirs because they specifically offer website design and uploading services for cannabis companies. They also offer their own marketing package that includes content creation. You can buy hosting packages separately as a way to have content created for your website, but the hosting services include a number of marijuana-themed designs for all of your business needs.

6.    Green Marimba

Green marimba offers a website hosting service specifically for cannabis dispensaries to provide a platform for them to advertise their products and services. They provide hosting, security and maintenance with the option of development and design. They can build your site all the way through, meaning you only have to write it, or take care of other aspects.

7.    420 Web Designs

420 Web designs is another web design company that provides web hosting as its main service. 420 separates marketing strategy and marketing planning, in order to make sure your marketing is as efficient as possible. They provide you with the best plan of action to reach your customers, depending on their demographic. They will design and set up your website, including your domain name, WordPress install, and marketing efforts. First they will develop your company’s name and logo to reflect the key personality traits you want showcased. When it comes to pricing for design, you need to book a consultation with the company first.

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