Trying to unwind but don’t want to experience any unwanted side effects? URB LUSH DIAMONDS, designer Delta-8 dabs has Euphoric feeling makes you feel high. Urb Lush Diamonds are one of the only companies in Canada to offer a full line of Delta-8 dabs.


Delta-8 dabs: the new way to dab

With Urb Collector you will be getting the best and most flavourful dabs with the added bonus of feeling great. All of Urb’s Designer Dabs are natural, cold-pressed and strain-specific. I want you to know about the Urb Lush Diamonds Designer Delta-8 dabs. This container contains 1 gram of the organic terpenes and flavonoids. But here is where the “difference” comes in. You will get Delta 8 distillate products; you might be able to discover it in Today’s market. There is superb products in the Delta-8 distillate. You won’t find these elements in any other company’s shatter.


CBDA is the raw version of CBD, so once you’ve heated it up to a certain point, you’ll have CBD. CBD has a wide range of medicinal qualities, including reducing anxiety and tension but you may not know about the CBC power. Unlike CBD, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) doesn’t bind to your CB1 receptors in the brain. It works in different areas of your body, such as in your lungs. The majority of CBC’s use is for pain and inflammation, as it has an ability to stimulate the release of anandamide. Lastly, there are different cannabinoids such as CBG. It binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain. Ways that potentially help with regulating appetite, and alleviating pain. There’s a plethora of cannabinoids inside each Urb Lush Diamonds Designer Delta-8 Dab.

The Urb Lush Diamonds Designer Delta-8 dabs offer an euphoric and calming blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. We recommend using the Urb Lush Diamonds Designer Delta-8 dabs to relax and take a chill pill. Urb Lush provides a way for people to experience a little euphoria and relief without having to take time out of their day. Now, without being restricted to cannabis, you can experience euphoric villainy without the couch lock. Thanks to the Delta-8 CBDA, CBC, and CBG plus their terpenes and flavonoids, it’s just like getting high without a natural high.


Learn about Delta-8 THC and what it does for you!

Urb Lush Diamonds Designer Delta-8 dabs, made from hemp, contain delta-8 THC. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized all hemp based cannabinoids. Urb’s delta-8 CBD is sourced from hemp. They use an isomerization process to create a delta-8 THC product. This product is not a substitute for CBD oil. When these are smoked, effects will be absorbed much quicker and will likely be stronger. We do not advise using heavy machinery or driving while under the influence of Urb Lush Diamonds Designer Delta-8 dabs. Urb has formulated a product you’ll love. Urb’s Delta-8 THC Dabs are a delight to consume, just as the cartridges and gummies.



You can get the highest possible doses of CBD in 1 gram containers, which is a total of 800mg. Delta-8 THC is another option if you are looking for relief. Delta-8 induces a light, but manageable, high while also providing the relief you’re seeking.



800mg (80%) Delta-8 THC


Urb Delta-8 Chocolates:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cookies ‘N’ Creme
  • Rainbow Rocks
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